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The Space Coast's only international airport: Melbourne International Airport (MLB) is located on Florida's Space Coast, in southern Brevard County.

Self-sustaining: Established in 1929, the airport is funded entirely through airline fees, tenant leases and federal, state and local grants and receives no direct tax dollars.

Major economic engine: MLB generates more than $1.1 billion annually in economic activity. With more than 6,000 people currently working daily at the airport, MLB ranks as one of Brevard County’s top employment centers. Recent additions to the tenant family will add nearly 900 new, high-paying jobs at the airport.

Ideal location for visitors: MLB is the perfect starting point for a vacation. The airport is just 25 miles from Port Canaveral, one of the country's largest cruise ports; 74 miles from Orlando's world-famous theme parks; 48 miles from historic Kennedy Space Center; and a short drive to miles of white sandy beaches

Ideal location for business: A growing number of businesses have discovered the benefits of expanding or relocating to Melbourne International Airport. Its rapidly growing aviation-manufacturing-and-maintenance cluster has made it one of the major centers of aviation commerce in the United States.

Access to major cruise port: MLB is just minutes from Port Canaveral, the world's second-busiest cruise port. The airport serves as the southern hub for Foreign Trade Zone 136, headquartered at the port.

Legacy airlines and charters: The airport's 200,000-square-foot main terminal serves legacy carriers Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Baer Air.
Orlando Melbourne International Airport: In an increasingly Internet-driven world, marketing and branding are closely tied to search-engine optimization, click throughs and unique website visits. That's one of the key reasons behind marketing our airport throughout Europe as Orlando Melbourne International. Whether you know us as Melbourne International or Orlando Melbourne International, one thing is certain: We're the same world-class, family friendly airport.

Can handle 2 million annually: The passenger terminal has eight gates and seven jetways and can accommodate 2 million travelers annually. The number of passengers traveling in 2013 via MLB was 443,717. That number is projected to increase in 2014 with additional routes and larger aircraft expected in the coming months. 

Three runways: MLB has three runways, including its main runway, 9R/27L, which is 10,181 feet long. The main runway and associated taxiways and ramps can accommodate general-aviation, commercial aircraft as large as a Boeing 747 or L-1011 and cargo aircraft as large as a C-5, C-17, Antonov 124 or Antonov 225.

Certified Police Department: MLB has its own Police Department, led by Public Safety Director Michael Brewer, and staffed by full-time Florida Certified Law Enforcement Officers.

Aircraft-manufacturing-and-maintenance cluster: Three aircraft manufacturers operate at MLB, including Embraer, the world's largest maker of jet aircraft that carry up to 120 passengers. Two major aviation-maintenance-and-repair-operations, AAR CORP and MidAirUSA, will be joining the airport's tenant family soon.

Former Navy Air Station and POW Camp: More than 2,000 U.S. Navy and Marine pilots were trained at the airport when it served as Naval Air Station Melbourne during World War II. NAS Melbourne also was home to more than 250 German POWs, who worked mostly at the station's laundry and mess hall.
Major employment hub: Melbourne International tenants range from small but nationally respected shops, such as Southeast Aerospace, to corporate giants, such as Harris Corp., which employs nearly 6,400 people at the airport and throughout the county.

Harris Corp. world headquarters: One of the Business and Industrial Park's early tenants was Radiation Inc., which was formed by two Melbourne businessmen in 1950 and manufactured advanced electronics for military communications and weather satellites as well as missile systems. Radiation was acquired by Harris Corp. in 1967 and became the foundation for Harris' Government Systems and Semiconductor businesses. Harris Corp. moved its world headquarters to MLB in the late '70s.

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